For everyone’s awareness, this is my third blog already. After my severe disappointment caused by the realization that my previous blogs contained nothing but pure rubbish, I decided to take them down. Also, my life was kind of boring at that time that every time I touch the keyboard of my laptop, and stir my thoughts to write a sensible post, I seemed to be always lost for words. There’s just nothing to talk about. Luckily, a lot has happened with my life lately and I found the perfect thing to blog about: travel.

As a kid, our parents would take us on long vacations to different places in the Philippines. We would go island-hopping or visit a resort or stay at a hotel and just unwind. I considered myself lucky because I got to experience a lot of things at a young age. I was a very adventurous person even as a young girl and my hunger for adventure was fed constantly.

As I grew older, my parents’ schedule got busier and out-of-town trips became less frequent and as the only daughter, I was not allowed to go on trips alone or even with friends. I had my chances, but I always got into trouble. But I never regretted those moments I decided to climb on the bus or board the plane even without my parents’ consent (or knowledge) because I got to do what I am, and will always be, most passionate about. In a way, traveling became my form of rebellion. But it wasn’t always without any benefit because every time I got back from my trip, I became a better, more informed, and less ignorant person. I got to see what’s beyond my horizon and see the world in a different light. So I decided, trouble or no trouble, I will not cease to travel to different places around the world. And I did. I remained consumed by wanderlust. As a matter of fact, I’ve been to a lot of places in the country, some I’ve visited for the first time, and I’ve even traveled abroad in just a span of two years. I became literally broke and I’ve spent 50% of my savings on traveling alone but I also became richer when it comes to experience. And what better way to share your experiences than through blogging, right? So from now on, I will attempt, and hopefully be successful on that, to write about all my travels, all my experiences, all my thoughts about the places I’ve visited and share them with you through this online journal. I will also include different things like food, life events worth sharing, art, and music (because yeah, I love music).

However, to keep this blog relevant, I shall only write about my travels starting this year, 2014, and onwards. But should the need to include flashbacks arise, I can also do that too. I hope you will all enjoy my blog. Although I do not intend to make a lot of noise in the blogging world. I’m not even sure if someone will read my blog. But, in case someone does, especially if that someone loves to travel like me, I hope my blog will be of help. 

Much love,

Phoebe F.

p.s. Don’t ask about the origin of the blog title. Seriously, stop prying. Kidding.